What we play is life.
— Louis Armstrong

I played my first paying  gig as a bassist at 13 years of age, and I have been working steadily since then with jazz combos, big bands, orchestras, singers, choirs, musical theatre, and most recently in film. This year, I’ve added to my experience with a number of studio recording sessions for CD’s and demo releases, and I really enjoy working in the studio to help get the best possible sounds.

While I love playing in all these genres, my favourite setting is playing small group jazz with my friends, and I’ve had lots of experience playing this way, both as leader and as side-man. My goal is to continue to expand my versatility while playing more and more of the  music I love. In addition to working, I continue to study intently, focussing on jazz bass with Jim Vivian in Toronto and Jodi Proznick in Vancouver, classical bass with VSO bassist J. Warren Long, and jazz piano with multi-instrumentalist Miles Black.